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Wondering what a Josper Grill is?

Did you know that Anna’s Kitchen is the only 4-star restaurant in the Vaal Triangle that has a Josper Grill?

Now as good as that sounds, many are wondering what a Josper Grill actually is. We are here to tell you.

A Josper Grill is the Rolls Royce of grills, it is an elegant combination of an oven and a grill in a single machine. Built with the highest technology steel alloys created by and for Josper which ensures a consistent temperature.

The Josper uses only charcoal and your steak can be grilled in in less than 3 minutes once the temperature is at 350’ – 400’with the cover closed, this keeps the pressure in a ensures a tender, chargrilled steak with a lovely smoky flavour.

This quick and even method of grilling is a firm favourite with our Chef de Partie, Samual Mapanya who would recommend a medium rare Josper grilled rump steak with a roasted vegetable bake which is topped with cheese, crispy thick cut fries and a creamy brandy pepper sauce.

We encourage you to visit Anna’s Kitchen and enjoy our Steak Special which is valid until the 30th June 2019.

Anna’s Kitchen is situated in Three Rivers, Vereeniging just South of Johannesburg.

52 Golf Road,
Three Rivers,

(016) 423 6046

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